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 Subquark superstring as Tree of Life




We have seen that the 1680 turns in each helical whorl of the UPA/superstring are symbolised by:

1. 1680 yods below the top of the tenth, overlapping Tree of Life;
2. 1680 yods lining the sides of the first (6+6) polygons enfolded in ten overlapping Trees of Life;
3. 1680 yods in the 20 Type B hexagons or ten Type B dodecagons enfolded in ten overlapping Trees of Life.

It is clear that a 10-dimensional whorl can be represented by ten Trees. This is because it is the space-time manifestation of a Sephirah. The observations of Besant & Leadbeater confirm this because they described the uppemost three major whorls as thicker and brighter than the remaining seven minor whorls. The major whorls correspond to the three Sephiroth of the Supernal Triad and the seven minor whorls correspond to the seven Sephiroth of Construction. The superstring constituent of quarks inside atomic nuclei are the micro-physical manifestation of the Tree of Life blueprint.




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