Sacred Geometries and Their Scientific Meanings

The Interface between Science and the Transcendental

Stephen M. Phillips  

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"The Universe is a thought of the Deity. Since this ideal thought-form has overflowed into actuality, and the world born thereof has realized the plan of its creator, it is the calling of all thinking beings to rediscover in this existent whole the original design."

Friedrich Schiller


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Proof that the sacred geometries of religions embody a universal design that encodes the physics of superstrings, the human skeleton, DNA and the mathematics of the seven musical scales.

Extra-sensory Perception
of Quarks
(PDF, 256 pages)

ESP of Quarks


   Particle remote-viewed a
   century ago shown to be
   an E8×E8 heterotic


   Mathematical meanings
 the Names of God

Part 1 (PDF)    Part 2 (PDF)

   Part 1          Part 2

  A short history of the
  fourth dimension

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   Part 2         Part 2

The real "God particle"

 Re-discovery of the
 Higgs boson